Lucky are those who have parent.... Parents are the reason of our life their comfort and happiness should be our first priority as our parents make great efforts in our upbringing.... Our fathers work hard day and night for all our needs and our mother sacrifices her night sleep and rest so that her child can have a sweet night.... They give us education with the dreams in their eyes that one day their child will become a very successfull person and become their strenfgth so that they can live a proudfull happy life in the society.... But what we children mostly do is disrespect our parents waste our time in some rubbish tasks make our parents sad and helpless and shamefull and unlucky are those who even don't want their parents to live with them how rediculous is that.... I think in this mordern era of science and technology we have forgotten that what our religion and ALLAH says about parents MAY ALLAH KEEP EVERYBODY UNDER THE SHADOW OF THEIR PARENTS but the fact is that one day every body has to leave this world so as our parents so its a request to all that its one life we have got and its only one time we have got parents make them happy and give them that comfort what they sacrificed for us and give them that status what they have dreamed of and give them all those happiness that they want us to see with