As all of you know I am a huge book lover, so when I got the opportunity to read some of Kelly Corrigan’s new book “Tell Me More” I was thrilled. The book gives a look at 12 phrases she has learned to say that have helped strengthen her relationships with people in life. When reading it I was so intrigued that I didn’t even realize how much time had passed. The one phrase for me personally that I find important to say to keep my relationship strong with my mom [the lovely women photographed above] is “I’m sorry”. Growing up I always had the hardest time saying I’m sorry to my mom, and still to this day have to work on it. For other people it was always easy, but because my mom is also my best friend, it means more to me when I say it. I use to spend all day hidden in my room figuring out how I was going to say those two words, until I would slowly come down the stairs hours later and finally say it. I’ve found that admitting I am wrong and saying I’m sorry has helped us get closer over the years. I've added it to my list of 50 books to read this year, and I’m so excited to finish it. Be sure to click the link in my profile to read more about it, and I’d love to know what one phrase you find important to say that helps keep your relationships with loved ones strong! 📚 #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad