Amal Clooney - an inspiration and not just for her choice of style or husband.

    Amal is a barrister practicing in international law and humanitarian law.  Having studied at the prestigious St. Hugh's College, Oxford and at New York University, Amal has represented distinguished clients in both domestic and international courts. Some of her clients have included Enron, the government of Cambodia and Julian Assange. Notably, Clooney was also an advisor to Kofi Annan and his Special Joint Envoy of the United Nations and Arab League on Syria - an facilitation of negotiations between the Syrian Government and the Opposition groups.

    For me, Amal is an legal superstar who breathes femininity into the traditionally male-dominated profession. Her illustrious international law portfolio demonstrates the broad need for litigators in such a wide array of affairs. Through her work against human rights crime, Amal has upheld the principle of justice in nations where justice is abused daily. A fair and impartial trial is a right every human deserves, and by standing for this Amal has helped change the world - at least for her clients.