The pain in my chest aint something i regret

    The look in your eyes aint something ill forget

    The dissapointment in your voice something youll never lose

    These tears on my face aint something to confuse

    See im not sad im happy happy that ive moved

    On with my life time to switch shoes

    Walk a different path away from the abuse

    Away from my addiction my addiction to you

    Fresh starts clean sheets a different point of view

    Tired of living my life in repeat new Day same you

    Tired of spending my nights crying on the floor in the bathroom

    See i knew you was no good but i always ran back

    Living with out you was like a train without a track

    One day passes and i feel the panick attacks

    Harder and harder to breathe i felt like i was dying

    Praying to god for forgiveness for the life that grew inside me

    When i just wanted to fight me

    Making mistake after mistake.. When would i wake from this fucking nightmare i built for myself my own kingdom of hell.