Day 2, styling by@laneydegrasse, makeup and hair by@laneydegrasse

    Ok so I want to start off by saying NYC has been SO GOOD to me the past couple weeks. I'm so glad I decided to finally move here. I haven't had the time or space to paint anything but I promise I'll create something awesome this week/weekend since so many of you keep asking about it. Anyways...I wanted to talk about a few being the size debate coming from my own words. I hate when I see people on social media discriminating against one body type to make another body type look better. We are all women, we all have insecurities about our bodies (don't lie). Why not build each other up instead of put each other down? Can we as women ever be looked at as the strong independent, beautiful creatures that we are if we're constantly bringing each other down? Probably not. So there's some food for thought. Your bodies are beautiful ladies! Small ass, big ass, small waist, big waist, skinny legs, big thighs, small boobs, big boobs, whatever you have, God gave you for a reason! He thinks you're beautiful, and I think all you ladies are too. Whenever you guys message me and give me love, it inspires me to keep going and fighting for something. I feel insecure about myself sometimes, and some days I walk around strutting like I'm the shit and everyone should know it. Confidence is honestly the most beautiful thing a woman can have. Don't ever let anyone have that much power over you to belittle you and tell you who you are, or what you should be. I just want to give anyone some love today who's feeling down. 💕💕 Thanks for reading my rant, goodnight loves!