For team pack back 8 bars challenge Lyrics: I've never ate bars I say through gold teeth Hit EM with 8 bars I slay true cold beast While on 8 bars Mind sway too hold heat Cuz even if I ate bars I'd be the shit still Drop 8 bars in the underground and hold this shit still.....this feel... Sweatin like I'm tormented. To be truely best in mic I sure win it Ugh me do be blessed in light pried door then "shit! I forgot the dope so First person to move you get ate... Bars- -All over the floor eight are... Teens.Rappers and all. I guess they got ate... Bars! Go ahead and try Ta take my eight bars.. Bitch thatd be ate bars.. But throw shit at me all day Ma I ate bars My head straight scarred I'm cold as fuck I keep getting kicked out for chillin... That's eight bars So I drop a hit shock a bitch like my pops fly and run this shit straight to the house just if they want more than 8 bars... Look at EM drop the ball with 7 tallied up I got eight bars. Cuz I'm winnin nigga and they look lost as fuck... Seriously they couldn't even make it to eight bars