»I'm in love with the shape of you
    We push and pull like a magnet do
    Although my heart is falling too
    I'm in love with your body
    And last night you were in my room
    And now my bedsheets smell like you
    »Every day discovering something brand new
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with your body 🌺🌻🌼🌼🌸🍁💐

    Mail on how monetization works

    We created The 8 App to empower every individual on the planet. The 8 App gives you simple tools to monetize the posts and stories you make daily. By working together, we will reverse the 92 billion dollartidal wave that pounds into the bank accounts of just a few companies in Silicon Valley, and put it back into the pockets of those creating the content and doing the work - YOU!

    You can do this in 2 ways:
    1) Monetizing your posts by accepting ads 
    2) Creating a story for a brand directly through the Sponsor Hub

    With both, you make 80% of the ad revenue.

    Monetizing Your Posts

    The 8 App is empowering everyone to benefit from unique ad views on their content. 

    We have built an ad engine that feeds into the content posted on 8. People retain 100% control over the placement of ads, and keep 80% of the revenue they generate. In short: You choose whether or not to accept ads. And if you do, the money gets deposited into your Paypal account.Ads appear in the form of videos that integrate seamlessly into your content. To turn on ‘My Ads’, look for the My Ads button on your profile on the mobile app or in your drop down menu on web and go through the simple steps to activate ads. You are given the option of placing them before the videos you post (pre-roll ads), or between items in the stories you make (mid-story ads).Ads are based on "Unique Views". This means that if the same person views the same post a hundred times then this will only count as 1 view.Once you start making money, you will receive notifications in your ‘ad alerts’ after you have made 50 cents. You can redeem the money after you make $2 or you can choose to ‘Pay it Forward’ to one of our game-changing charitable partners. 

    Monetizing your content is as simple as joining us on 8 and turning on your ads! Please note that once we have 2 million people actively accepting ads we will give everyone the ability to set their own pricing or blacklist advertisers they do not support. Until then, pricing will be 'demand' driven which means that the price for your content will increase the more views you have.

    The 8 Sponsor Hub

    You have brands you love. Now they can love you back. 

    The 8 Sponsor Hub is the place where brands and people connect to create posts and tell stories that are relevant and powerful. Never before have brands been able to sponsor people that use and love their products on a day-to-day basis. In The 8 Sponsor Hub, you can submit a post that supports a brand. Brands can also approach you with offers to create stories and posts for them.

    In the Sponsor Hub, everyone on the planet is an influencer. 

    The 8 Sponsor Hub is ComingNovember 2016