“It’s like this… this is it, this is the way it is, up and down, good and bad, so don’t worry, because it’s like this for everyone and it’s SUPPOSED to be” - Kelly Corrigan - I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my relationship with Mark- and this is the number one thing I tell people 👆🏼 No person or relationship is perfect. 88% of the time I am absolutely obsessed with his every move and the other 12% of the time I feel like if he can’t figure out how to sneeze properly I’m going to kill him in his sleep 😂 I am so unbelievably grateful for the love we share, but we put a LOT of work into it. We have been together close to 10 years and there have been some really tough times in there. Times when things were falling apart and we had to pull them back together even when it felt near impossible. - It’s like this. For everyone. Knowing that, and knowing that even in the darkest of times you are consciously choosing each other and choosing to grow TOGETHER rather than apart is the key. I’ve found that when we make it through one of these really rough patches- we come out the other side even stronger than before and I’m thankful for the trial. - I just read Kelly Corrigan’s new book “Tell Me More” which is all about these relationship lessons and I was literally cycling through shrieking laughter and sobbing tears on the reg. It was so real, raw, authentic, relatable and HILARIOUS. So, from me and Kelly, remember, “It’s like this”. It is all going to be ok.