Out of the abundance of the mind,
    Comet ones outcome in life
    Why say I can't?

    If you think defeated, you are,
    If you think being great is by selection,
    You won't be chosen
    If you think life is unfair, then it is

    If you think neglected, you are
    If you like to win, but you think you can't
    Then you certainly won't
    If you think you will lose, you have lost

    If you think outclassed, you are
    To be great you have to think big
    Rise up to challenges, as eagles
    Give it your best shot and reap merriment

    Life is a battle field
    Not for the weak nor the strongest
    But for the wisest
    Sail with Majesty, Pride, tenderness, courage, faithfulness, dependability and great daring to claim your prize

    If you think dreams are for the weak
    Sit and watch, how dreamers become great men
    Whoever dreams must dare to commit to it
    Dream big...

    The one who wins is the one who thinks "I CAN"
    For whatever you vividly imagine, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... Must inevitably come to pass

    Give up small ambitions and take a giant leap, stretching those wings to achieve untapped potential...

    BY Makpa Manga Jonathan