Did you know Ben and I we met when we were 4? It was, at least for me, love at first sight even way back then. In true 9 year old girl fashion I was planning out my life and just KNEW he would be my boyfriend by the time I grew up (which at the time I expected to be at 14😏). It ended up taking a little bit longer for both of us, as these things do, but we got together at 19 and haven’t looked back. We’ll be together ten years in April, and choosing him has been one of the hands down best decisions of my life. It was fun looking back at all the photos of the last ten years and seeing how much fun we have had. I mean, look at our ridiculous engagement photo?? #swiperight. I know even when the kids are grown and gone we will still be making each other laugh and choosing each other every single day. I’m enjoying my copy of Surprise Me and how it captures marriage as the years pass. You never know what’s going to happen! But I’m so excited for the journey. #ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse #ad