Audemars, you oughta be ashamed How many boys got shot and we don't know they names That's why I hate these rappers they just enjoy the fame Brothers with no heat dyin when the seasons change Who am I to care, I am not here or there But I gotta need to know these bustas got a need to wear Louis belts, and clothes that's Versace Watchin their money add up looking like Fibonacci And I don't wanna fear an opp Good cop bad cop that's a paradox Fuck a pair of cops Two brothers lost one like a pair of socks Shoot one so the other run back and scare the block Evil in the uniform colour come outside and get ya brains blew out Shoot u in broad day misinformed but pretend it was a shoot out Choked up, suffocating up on the bullshit Killin ourselves and we ain't even gotta pull shit