3D Fishtank . Not really 3D . That's what it is called , the title . It just looks 3D . Medium is watercolor pencil . I thought using watercolor pencils to do a fish tank was sort of funny and ironic ;-) It was not so funny when I realized how freakin difficult it is just getting the color onto the canvas . You have to press really hard ! At least when you are not using water . These watercolor type pencils. Can be used with or without water . I prefer without water mostly . Gives me finer control over details . Besides this was for a drawing contest . But I cheated a bit on the large areas . So I wouldn't go nuts trying to fill such a large area I used water on those larger open water areas. The drawing is about 22x30 inches . I was pretty happy with this one . I'm usually a bit disappointed with my work at first . I expect them to turn out how they are in my minds eye . And they rarely turn out how I imagined them . This one didn't either but I still was satisfied with how it looked . I think it's natural that an artist should be always a bit disappointed in the outcome of a piece . To be ever striving for that elusive perfection in their work . Reaching for that gold ring . Trying to break new ground in some way . Hope you like it . The viewer is ultimately the one that should be satisfied , not left wanting , don't you think ?