I am excited to apply for the Monash Global Discovery Program NYC 2017 as this experience of a lifetime offers the chance to meet and learn from inspirational leaders and change-makers in the city that never sleeps; develop meaningful relationships with other ambitious, like-minded students and visit some of the most awe-inspiring sites in the world such as the United Nations.

    If selected, I intend to incorporate the invaluable insights and inspiration inevitably gathered from this trip into both my studies and work in the legal industry, with a particular focus on legal reform.


    Where will your ideas take you?

    - To the High Court or the UN?

    - To a School or Hospital?

    - To Silicon Valley or the Amazon Rainforest?

    As a law student and global citizen, I hope our ideas lead us to a future where we, as world leaders, can fully utilise the infinite potential of our legal systems to inspire an even brighter tomorrow.

    Our ideas can take us ANYWHERE.


    Because the world is but a canvas to our imaginations...