[#ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse] It’s been interesting to reflect on what makes my own relationship meaningful and special while reading @sophiakinsella’s new book, Surprise Me. ✨It’s a fast-paced novel where the couple actually knows each other TOO well, and embark on the challenge to surprise one another to keep things interesting in their marriage. 🎇 Most people don’t know that Josh and I️ are total opposites. He’s a from the 🌆, I’m from the 🌾🌳; he’s extroverted 🕺🏽; while I’m introverted 🙇🏽‍♀️; he enjoys 🎮🏀, and I️ enjoy 📸👗; he likes to think 🤔, I like to feel 😭😤. The list could go on (and on), but one thing I️ love about being opposites is that we’re always surprising one another. No matter if you’re more different than alike as a couple, or more alike than different; this book is a poignant reminder to never stop learning to fall in love with who you’re with. You can snag a copy for yourself via my link in bio. 💕 #ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse #ad