Anyone watching #BlackMirror on #netflix ? - just getting into it. (Like right now) Highly suggest it.

    Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and thoughts via Facebook, IG, email etc. I've been in NYC now for sometime now; possibly the longest placed I've stayed in my entire life. I'm grateful for all opportunities and experiences in this life thus far. I'm grateful for all the friends, people, jobs and family I've met and connected with. I never thought NYC would be such a struggle, but somehow still satisfying. I'm happy to have all of you to learn from, share my ideas with and I hope that continues. My work and my music has always been a guide in my life. Something to keep me waking up every morning and something to look forward to everyday. A unit of measurement for me to see if I've leveled up each day and if I've contributed enough to the world. So how does it feel to be 32? I still don't feel like an adult, I'm still exploring my life as if each day was new and unknown. I'm healthy and for the first time ever, the saying, "If I ever released an album..." came true for me. This is a milestone for me and something I didn't know I would ever persue or even accomplish because of my lack of knowing the "how-to". It was a gift to ensure my purpose. I really couldn't have done it without you. All of you have contributed or infected me in some way with qualities that I could only dream of aquiring for a life time. I'm trying my best to continue our relationship in the best manner possible and know that if there is a disconnected on either side, it's because an opportunity was presented to us as individuals that we couldn't refuse. An opportunity to make our own lives better so that we can contribute more later. Do what you love, try everything, don't doubt yourself, don't stop learning and when you think about how shitty or scary life is, just move forward cause it will be an awesome story of accomplishment. You live in one of the toughest cities in the whole world doing what you came here to do, amongst the best people in the world. Life is less of a grind if you are doing something you love and I'm just now figuring that out. Thank you for being! Thanh