Monash Global Discovery Program New York City 2017 



         I have always believed in the power of education as a force in transforming one’s circumstances and in the value of financial education as one of the concrete steps in fighting poverty. I would not be where I am now without the scholarships I have been fortunate to have---during my secondary education, my tertiary studies taking up Accountancy, and my postgrad undertaking in Monash as a Masters of International Development Practice student. Given the opportunity, I hope that one day I can pay the blessings forward and be an instrument of change so more children especially from developing countries can improve their situation. I intend to do this through the financial literacy program I will be implementing upon my return in the Philippines.

         I believe that in my own little way, I can make a difference in other people’s lives…if I dare to dream…if I choose to imagine. 

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    Video clips from Jigz Vicente

    Music from Katy Perry’s Rise- Violin cover

    Special thanks to all my family and friends who have always supported me in my personal journey.