Monash University Global Discovery Program 2017 #monashdiscovery #justimagine My dream is to be a motivational and inspirational leader, who is admired by all my peers and by society itself. I want to teach all of you that your success can be measured in many ways! Its measured by your hunger; the size of your dream; how far are you willing to go, and finally, how will you handle disappointment. I’ve dealt with disappointment and failure all my life, but I never let it break me. I kept my eye on the prize and that’s what fuels me to this day. Just imagine having a motivational speaker who will share their experiences, their knowledge and their secrets to success with you. One day I plan to be that man and I want all of you put your trust in me. I promise to inspire every single one of you. And I promise to bring you all to the top with me.