“Minds don’t rest, they reel and wander and fixate and roll back and reconsider because it’s like this, having a mind. Hearts don’t idle; they swell and constrict and break and forgive and behold and because it’s like this, having a heart.” – Kelly Corrigan, Tell Me More. Lately, I’ve kept myself from finding joy in life. Whether it’s trying something new, rekindling old friendships, or even staying still long enough to be thankful, I continue to struggle staying present. I love this quote because it summarizes some of the biggest contradictions we experience in friendships, relationships and, most importantly, in ourselves. My new year #newme is going to be giving myself a break because life can be a kick in the stomach or it can be beautiful. Here’s to finding more of life’s beauty. ✨🌈💕 #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad