Helping women have the confidence to make good financial decisions and helping them save for a life after work is an issue I'm passionate about. Consider this: - 38% of women will retire in poverty (yes - in Australia) - 90% of women won't have enough super to retire with - there's around a 20% gender pay gap that hasn't moved in 2 decades (what)?! - almost half of women in Australia don't feel they have enough knowledge to make financial decisions (what is the matter with us)?! To help women all around Australia we've put together a team of financial experts and created a 5 week financial coaching clinic called the Super Woman Money program covering all sorts of topics including budgeting, super, property investment and more. It's free and if you have a friend or family member who you think could need a little help, do them a favour and like this or even better - share it with your friends. They can click on the link and register in less than a minute. Saving for the long term can change lives - it doesn't have to be hard and many women deserve better.