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    We live in a world where the leading causes of death are from preventable diseases. Coronary heart disease and stroke have remained the leading cause of death globally for the past 15 years, and in 2015 resulted in 15 million premature deaths. Just imagine if we were able to prevent many of these deaths from occurring.

    Targeting modifiable risk factors will reduce the incidence of preventable disease, with 75% of cardiovascular disease development related to insufficient physical activity, poor nutrition and tobacco smoking. The world cannot get healthier on its own, disease risk factors need to be tackled on a global level, challenges need to be overcome together… but just imagine if one person was able to contribute to the eradication of preventable diseases.

    My knowledge and expertise in public health will enable me to achieve my goal of becoming a successful leader, who is able to contribute to disease prevention through targeted health policy development and effective health promotion. My ideas will take me to a world free of preventable diseases.

    The 2017 Global Discovery Program would provide me with the opportunity to network with influential and successful global leaders, supporting both professional and personal development, and inspiring me to become a successful global leader within the public health industry.