#SurpriseMe #ad #randomhouse I am so excited to partner with Random House @randomhouse for Surprise Me by @sophiekinsellawriter! Her Shopaholic series helped get me through college and Surprise Me is going to get me through this phase of marriage with two kids, busy schedules and not nearly enough time for the two of us. 💕 Ive been with my husband for fifteen years (college sweethearts!) and married for almost ten of those years. This photo of us on our wedding day is extra special because we had it taken on the farm that my husband’s family has owned for a long time. It is the same spot my husband proposed (after a failed hot air balloon attempt!) and I said yes! We’ve had countless picnics, walks, kite flying afternoons and family photos taken in that spot since. Each year on our anniversary we go back and take a photo there, sometimes with our camera balanced on the hood of the car and the self timer! Those photos have become so special to me as the years have passed! And Im a sucker for romantic traditions like that. 💕 If you need a love story that will surprise you, one that focuses on marriage in the midst of LIFE, like myself, this is it. 💕 I love a good love story, but Im grateful for my real life one even more! Who are you grateful for this week? #ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse #ad