Bid Goddess rise, from mists of memory Rise, the fair Cathain In battle the equal of every man And every lover disdained Her heart was locked in a roundtower's keep And none that gate could unbar Till rose a prince from Ulster's east The hero Conchobar A suitor's troth he brought Cathain In wild Connemar' He bade her teach him feats of arms And the bloody arts of war And what, said she, will you teach me Who dwells here all alone? The pleasures of love, said Conchobar I will melt your heart of stone. So King and warrior thus were joined In battles blood and love The throne belonged to Conchobar To Cathain, the Witch's Glove The world soon turned his heart away So back to Connemar' She westward rode to dwell alone Away from Conchobar Dark rivals rose against the king To challenge for his throne All Ulster in the balance hung Without its champion A Druid he sent to sacrifice An offering to Cathain A maiden fair, with flaxen hair Not once, but two times slain But Cathain, she would ne'r return To rescue Conchobar Till the Druid did a virgin bring To Connemara far The fair Iona pure and sweet upon the table lain And by the corclach's hungry stone Was Cathain's own daughter slain In rage the warrior goddess From the western sea arose Her bloody gauntlet dealt that day a thousand fierce death-blows The kingdom saved, her quest complete she sank beneath the shore Till Ulster's sons with sacrifice Bid her return once more. #test