Repost from David Bowie #TopRankRepost STARMAN 45 IS 45 TODAY “If we can sparkle he may land tonight...” David Bowie’s game-starting single, Starman, was released in the UK on April 28th 1972.
    It eventually peaked at #10, helped in no small measure by THAT appearance on Top Of The Pops.
    In case you can’t read it in our montage, the text in the 1972 US “David Bowie Is The Starman” advert reads thus... “He's thin and he’s English. He's got orange hair and he sings and plays electric guitar. He's got a hit record called “Starman” which is from his new album called “The Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” David Bowie. He’s Ziggy Stardust and he is beautiful.” Remind yourself of that last statement with aforementioned TOTPs performance, here: (Also pictured here is the UK press advert, Starman pendant, demo label with release date and Starman sheet music.) #BowieStarman #ZiggyStardust