How to Make The #8bars Great Again Step 1. If you get added in a group message or in a video at least check out the bars. It's cool if you leave the group but at least check out the bars. If someone @'s you in their bars check out them out. If you like their bars, you like their bars. If you don't, you don't but at least watch and form your opinion. Step 2. Keep your material at 8bars. The contest is called 8bars for a reason. I don't work for TBP or 8 but if they say we can go over 8bars cool but keep your verse at 8bars please. Also no rapping to beats too. Acapella 8bars* Step 3. Don't look at this as a "competition" against a thousand other hungry MC's trying to do something positive for their music, you'll punch yourself out and it won't be fun because you're trying to bite everybody's head off and then what? I do feel if there is an MC who's skill set isn't up to par with yours, challenge them to a battle. Send a message or @ them. Do it like how they do in battle rap on YouTube like Smack/URL or King Of The Dot but have 3 sixteen bar verses per MC and we decide who won based on bars, performance, content, disrespect etc. After the battle just keep it moving and focus your 8bars. Just a few suggestions on what we should/could do to make this contest fun and little less political . We are all trying to be those 64 seeds then hopefully on stage in LA to do the Bar Fight for TBP's YouTube channel. Remember the only true competition is you. You and your pen game are the only things that keep you from getting to where you wanna go. Keep those ideas and pens moving. Peace and Love, L. πŸŽ’πŸŽ§πŸŽ€βœπŸΎβœŒπŸΎ #8bars #teambackpack #the8app #hiphop #MC's #blog