Woman = dependence. For many of us around the world this equation holds so true that we dont even dare to question it. BUT only if we paid attention and looked around, we would find enough exceptions to the rule that the rule would not hold true anymore or a new rule could be established Woman = dignity! She greeted me with an open and sincere smile, shaking my hand fiercely and thanking me for visiting. I couldn't help but staring at her shining face, working hands and shy stance. We were sitting on the bench in front of her shop, casually chatting about her family, life, future. She took a loan, bought a cow, paid the loan back, received a bigger one, opened a shop. She upgraded her house, all her kids were in school, and the oldest one was studying Engineering in town... The conversation had to be interrupted a few times as she ran back to the shop to watch over the boiling milk as she prepared it to sell right there at her shop. She would come back, apologize and continue sharing. As her story unfolded, radical and amazing transformation was happening right before my eyes: still shining face, working hands, but her posture, her attitude was different, shyness disappeared, confidence took over. It was the most beautiful change I have experienced in my life! Before I said goodbye she presented me a glass of warm milk as a sign of hospitality. I cheered and drank it to her victory, honor, and dignity!